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We started out as two best amigas, thanks to our college days out in west Texas, with a passion for design and creative outlets. We have always relished in entertaining, planning, and designing beautiful spaces. The heartbeat behind Westward Design Co. is bringing your unique vision to LIFE all while making your most special time stress free and exciting. We love the challenge, creativity, and beauty we get to witness and experience when we are creating your magic. We cannot wait to work with you all! We are so blessed and grateful to be on this journey bringing the most stunning weddings, events, and design to Texas + beyond! If you are interested in talking wedding + event planning or design, reach out to us, and we can create some magic together! We promise it will be an investment you will not regret!


Hi friends, Caitlyn here! Much like Kayla, I was just a central Texas girl who thought she couldn’t wait to get out of her small town. After high school, I moved out to west Texas for college. Well, west enough for me…. I’m a lover of green grass, trees, and water. Truth be told, west Texas wasn’t my first choice, but I felt that is where God was leading me. After a few short months there I found out quickly why God brought me out west. I met some of the best of friends that I still have in my corner to this day, and it is the place that brought me my husband, Will. As funny as it is, Kayla had a hand in my relationship just as I had a hand in hers. She was actually the first one who invited Will to come home to meet my family the summer of 2016, and that’s a story we would just have to tell in person….


My undergrad college career quickly went by faster than I imagined, and I was left with moving everything and everyone I had known, again. After my time in San Angelo, I moved to College Station to get a master's degree from Texas A&M University. It was the most challenging yet rewarding thing I have ever accomplished. I graduated from A&M in 2019 and moved back home since Will was living here at the time.


I never imagined moving back home once I left. Things change. I found the perfect man who just happened to love the very place I grew up, and he had me excited about coming back. I love my family and friends more than anything, so it has been such a blessing moving back home to be close to everyone while still living out my dreams. Will and I purchased a home and some land here after we got married, and we have constantly remodeled and grown our funny farm since. I love creating and designing anything I can get my hands on, so you could say I am living in heaven. Building a life with him and our four pups is the biggest blessing.


This company has been something Kayla and I have prayed over and curated for years, and I cannot wait to see where it takes us and all of the beautiful people we get to meet. Can’t wait to create beautiful events and spaces for you all down the road! 





Born and raised west Texas city girl who couldn't wait to get out! I am now in central Texas living my best life on a 300-acre farm with lots of cows, two horses Hank + Pearl, 30 chickens and my two favorite pups, Coop + Lulu.


I met my husband, Shawn, through Caitlyn back in 2016 and the rest is history! We got married February 20th during the great snowstorm of 2021. Even though that whole week we didn't know if anyone would be able to make it or if we even would have a wedding, God provided beautiful 60-degree weather and the most amazing day! If we can get through that we can conquer every obstacle thrown at us!

After moving, getting married, remodeling Shawn's childhood home and just trying to get life settled I decided it was time to start doing what I love! Helping people's vision come to life and experiencing all the joy that comes with any event makes my heart so full.


Caitlyn and I definitely have a style, but we love challenging ourselves to create whatever your vision may be. Traditional, Rustic, Modern, Black Tie, whatever you throw at us we will make it happen! 

Can't wait to see what we create together!




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